The “More-ness” of Privilege
Joel Leon.

So, what are you saying? That it is wrong to be white or that it is wrong to ask for more? Or are you actually saying what should be said…..stop bitching about what other people get that you don’t and go get it yourself.

I, for one am sick of the term ‘white privilege’ I am a white man of 60 who doesn’t feel ‘privileged’ in the slightest. After forty years of employment, I spent three years out of work, one of those unable to work because of a broken arm. What did my ‘white privilege’ get me? Nothing. I got no benefits of any kind. I won’t state the reason I was given because you wouldn’t believe it.

I now live from day to day.

I have never intentionally or consciously put anyone down because of their race, colour or creed nor indeed their sexuality yet ‘white man’ is demonised the world over. Why? because we dare to ask for more?

I’m reminded of the words of an actor ‘of colour’ who once said: ‘Don’t get bitter, get better’

I’ve spent most of my life living by that even though it’s got me practically nowhere. I honestly feel sorry for anyone who suffers because of his skin colour but believe me, being white doesn’t guarantee anything.

Good luck with your life.

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