Exscudo: Next Generation Financial Ecosystem

The Bitcoin exchange platform is one of the most inseparable parts of this crypto. They not only help buyers to connect with sellers, they also facilitate deposit and withdrawal. However, as we all Bitcoin fans realize, there are many things in the market or exchange platform we should look into before using them to ensure all our transactions and security. Some aspects to look for are liquidity, security, trading tools, and costs.

While there are many choices of exchange platforms in the industry, finding one thing you can trust and also according to your needs can be very tiring. Fortunately, right now you do not have to drive around looking for the best alternative like back in the day, simply because there are a large number of established and trusted Bitcoin exchange platforms. One that has just caught my attention is, without a doubt, Exscudo. One of the best things about this exchange platform is its availability to international merchants, something very hard to find in the past.

Yes, Exscudo not only accommodates international merchants, it is also supported by a dedicated team of developers, board members, enthusiasts and experts and enthusiastic professionals to ensure the market provides the support we need. What I like most about this market is the fact that it’s so easy to use, if you have a credit card and access to the internet, you’ll be able to use it!

There are many things that love this new exchange platform, from merchant and gateway services, to surprising trading tools that support connections from all operating systems. It does not matter whether you trade using trading instruments through web, mobile, terminal, or WebSocket or API services — performance and stability capabilities are as good as any other option.

As for the transaction itself, Exscudo comes with bank services such as wallets and bank cards — making trading a simple task. Are you one of the merchants interested in what Exscudo has to offer, but are concerned about its transparency and analysis? I’ve been there in the past, however, Exscudo has since added a market analysis to a long list of features. With lists and graphics that are easy to understand, Exscudo also provides reports and analysis to follow transparency.

Website: https://exscudo.com
ICO website: https://exscudo.com/ico
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ex_scudo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exscudo