Exscudo : Strong, Fast, and Safe Cryptocurrencies Ecosystem

More and more cryptocurrency platforms now appear in the cryptocurrency market. In the midst of many things, Exscudo appears differently with innovative ideas and exceptional team development efforts. Not wanting to live on a moderate level, they created a crypto platform supported by EON. Then, they make it an unusual financial ecosystem with six cooperating products. It will be a powerful, fast, and secure ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

For the launch, they plan to do it systematically in two years so people get used to platforms, tools, trading terminals, and every little thing with good speed. In Q2 of 2017, they plan to launch Launch with the chatwallet app and continue the next launch until the merchantplatform launch in 2018. For ICO itself, the plan this spring. Future information on ICO is available via email to consumers logged in on the Exscudo website.

ICO page: https://exscudo.com/ico

The exscudo’s financial ecosystem is for cryptocurrency but the system is built with traditional ease, security, and financial speed. Theywant to be perfect so the team of experts also takes three years for development. From 2014, they developed proprietary chain platforms, core markets, list servers, multi-functional wallets, and decentralized strategic delegations. They expand the function, update the core, and redesign the architecture until they get the ecosystem they want.

Although the system is so powerful, it does not mean this ecosystem is only suitable for professional traders. Exscudo is an ecosystem created for everyone who wants to enter the cryptocurrency market. The system is sophisticated but user-friendly. Even beginners will be easy to understand, easy to transact, and easy to benefit from trading cryptococcus. Not only for private traders, is it also suitable for financial institutions and institutional investors. All it takes to access Exscudo is internet and credit card.

ICO page: https://exscudo.com/ico
Website: https://exscudo.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ex_scudo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exscudo
Blog: http://blog.exscudo.com
Whitepaper: https://exscudo.com/exscudo_about_the_project.pdf