Joe Tutera — Real Estate Investment Mistakes To Avoid

As the CEO of the Tutera Group, Joe Tutera oversees the company’s real estate investments. As with any other form of investment, committing your money to real estate projects carries a certain amount of risk and those who are unfamiliar with the industry are likely to make a number of mistakes. To avoid this, try to keep these common blunders in mind.

Joe Tutera

Planning As You Go

In your eagerness to get involved in investing or take advantage of what you feel might be a golden opportunity, you may find that you end up neglecting the planning stage. This can often be a mistake, as not knowing where you intend to go as an investor is likely going to mean that you experience more failure than success. Create your plan and then start considering how to execute it properly.

Poor Research

It is an issue that has plagued new investors for years and many still make the mistake of not carrying out the proper research on the projects that they commit money to. Spend some time researching the people behind the projects you consider and do your due diligence. If you start to feel pressured for investment, this may be a sign that the project you’re considering has more problems that you may realize.

Not Getting Help

Real estate development and investment brings together professionals from a variety of industries, which means that trying to go it alone can often be a big mistake. Find trusted advisors and partners to make sure your efforts are as successful as possible.

Joe Tutera is the CEO of the Tutera Group and Tutera Investments.