“Will this be on the test?”
Seth Godin

Hi Seth, thanks for your hard work putting together a real change agent in the altMBA.

Three days into it and I feel like my head’s going to explode. The secret concoction dripping through the metaphorical IV is toxic. Toxic to the educational system and my mistaken beliefs surrounding making things that matter.

Growing up in an evangelical Christian and public school student, I had deep frustrations that ran like a system of underground caves in my psyche.

Competing was my passion. When I was 12, I said the f-word for the first time after one of my best friends tackled me around the neck during a backyard football game. I can’t blame him, I was elusive as a hawk.

While in school, I didn’t see the point of memorizing dates in history and regurgitating information, so I tried as best I could to appear successful while learning as little as possible. My progress seemed clear to myself and my parents on report cards.

But the altMBA, in your words, is about…

…holding people accountable — not to a system, not to a test, but to themselves.

In other words, the altMBA acts in a way that encourages intrinsic motivation, which allows the students to choose they’re next step with confidence. We are asked to go deeper into what we already know about ourselves: we want more. As the old sales adage says, people want to buy not be sold.

The pressure’s off, from the outside, when this switch is made. We learn best when we learn about what we find interesting and believe in, not what is force-fed to us. We learn best when we’re asked questions, not told what to do. Behavior is a result of motivation, not the other way around.

I’m taking the altMBA for this reason: Not to be motivated to impress a competitive atmosphere driven by fear and being right, but to learn with people facing their fears head on.

Thanks again for your work!

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