arrived here from another Medium post, there’s nothing to differentiate this entry from a… better one… apart from the art I paste around it.
Everything is gorgeous and I am lost
Drew Bell

Gr8 post, Drew… unlike the one I read just before 😇. I get your point that sites like Medium have democratized design, but nonetheless, to paraphrase Paul Simon

there’s still … 50 ways to butcher your blog post
  • jam too much verbiage into the title
  • choose a poor / irrelevant / no cover image
  • sloppy punctuation
  • sloppy grammar
  • crappy content
  • not making use of the full available toolset, like indented quotes, bulleting, 😎’s, hyperlinking — due to laziness or lack of imagination

All the king’s horses, all the king’s men, all the fancy typography in the world cannot compensate for shit writing.

Cheers, Joe Varadi

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