Get Rid Of Theft And Counterfeiting With Tamper Proof Label Printing

Brand owners invest a lot of time, money, and resources into developing and maintaining their brand image. Yet fraudulent activity, liability incidents, and counterfeiting can wreak financial havoc on a brand, and in one fell swoop compromise years of consumer trust. By keeping up with the latest security labeling technology converters, this can help brand owners successfully thwart fraudulent activity and protect their brand name from security threats. In fact, using tamper evident custom screen-printing labels can solve a variety of problems and make everything from storage to shipment easier for everyone involved.

Practically every organization has high-value assets, such as laptops, printers, and other electronic equipment, not to mention industry-specific assets. Theft is, unfortunately, a real concern facing most businesses. Tamper-evident security labels can both help deter theft while providing asset-tracking capabilities for more efficient asset utilization. Both of these benefits produce real cost savings for businesses.

Loss prevention through deterring theft reduces the need to replace costly assets prematurely. The ability to track expensive assets enables more efficient scheduling and utilization, which can increase productivity and reduce downtime. Additionally, the asset tracking capability offered by tamper proof labels can streamline processes, such as maintenance and repair, and the scheduling of shared assets across your organization.

Tamper evident labels are most frequently used on high-value, moveable assets. Electronics commonly fall into this category, as laptops, desktops, and other electronic equipment offer a broad range of uses and are therefore more attractive to potential thieves. The tamper evident security labels do however offer good general resistance to exposure to normal conditions such as abrasion, mild acids, oil, and water.

Tamper proof label printing offers a protective over-laminate, which resists abrasion and chemicals, along with a crisp, highly readable printed barcode and/or custom text. That means this tamper-proof label will last longer than most, reducing the need for costly re-labeling. When an organization notices that labels are tampered with, it can launch a more in-depth security investigation to pinpoint the source of the problem and rectify it through disciplinary action, or, if wanted, even criminal charges.

The tamper evident security labels are designed to permanently bond to a variety of surfaces, including high and low surface energy plastics, stainless steel, glass, and nylon. These features make tamper-proof labels not only a viable option for deterring theft and unauthorized transfer, but an ideal solution for tracking, maintaining, and keeping accurate records on your most valuable moveable assets.

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