SAP — a great Cloud ERP system

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”. It is a very crucial aspect for any organization or business to flourish. Planning resources efficiently and effectively plays a major role in success of an organization. ERP is software that is used to manage business processes. By using ERP, you can have a system of integrated applications. This system is useful in automating many activities related to administration, back office, Human resource management, etc.

Now, since ERP is integration of applications, therefore it is not possible for a single person to monitor it. There are many users working on ERP at a given point of time. It is very necessary that the entire ERP system is in synch with all the updates made by various users. This objective is achieved by SAP. SAP has made use of Cloud computing to run ERP system.

Due to introduction of cloud computing, the ERP system has gained a great utility. SAP Cloud ERP has made it possible to update and save data on internet. The organizations which are using cloud ERP do not need external storage devices such as hard disks and servers. Also, since all your data is stored on internet rather than a physical storage device, it is possible for you to access it from anywhere and at anytime. Few of the major characteristics of Cloud computing are:

  • Elasticity — You can quickly increase or decrease the virtual space you need.
  • Affordable — You only have to pay for what you have used
  • Accessibility — You can access your cloud system 24*7 from anywhere
  • Simplicity — You need not to manage servers and worry about updating any software

SAP is a great service provider for Cloud computing services. It has made its mark in both SaaS (Software as a Srvice) and CaaS (Cloud as a Service) domains. However, we can say CaaS is divided into three services:

  1. SaaS — stands for Software as a Service. In a way Cloud computing company is providing us software to be used online; therefore it is included under SaaS.
  2. PaaS — Stands for Platform as a Service. SAP (or any other Cloud computing company) also provide platform to developers to create various cloud applications.
  3. IaaS — Stands for Infrastructure as a Service. Cloud computing service providers also rent their resources such as memory, servers, networks, etc.

Clouds are of three types:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid

We, at ivobe, provide sap ides access online services. We have our data centers located in 13 various locations globally. We have robust and highly efficient hardware platform to handle SAP Systems. Our main emphasis is on data security. We also promise fault free services. We provide various services, such as:

  • Services related Project management
  • Advisory services
  • We provide technical support for installing SAP systems.

We provide all these services in highly affordable cost. We assure you great quality and excellent service and support. We have a long list of satisfied and happy clients.

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