Call for Uber Black in HK – 6 out of 10 cars you will get Tesla Model S

Calling Uber for Model S is fun

Model S Cost around 770,00 HKD but in China would be around 1M CHY. The inside is very roomy. Nice dashboard, come build in with Spotify. It has two sun roofs, that’s new! So I have heard, it can go from 0 to 100 (miles or kilo) in less than 3 sec. Everybody loves it — who don’t.

My driver have never recharged his car at home. He said it would be expensive, but why would you since it is free, elsewhere. He usually charge at the mall, take around 1–1 1/2 hour. If I recalled correctly, that will gave him 200–250 km.

Driver happy to show off for speed
nice dashboard

Interesting enough, recently, Toyota just announced a test run for Hydrogen fuel in Canada.

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