A small cameo from my wife Rachel. Some of my happiest moments are when we pop out and grab a coffee.

LETO recently launched Elevate 🎉 a product to help you remember your small moments of happiness.

By taking the time to take visual notes of all the little things that make you happy it can help you stay positive when life is knocking you down.

The problem

Mental health is affecting more and more young people, with social media arguably a contributing factor. It’s incredibly common to assume that everyone else is living a perfect life compared to yours.

Our mission is to act as a preventative method to help people keep perspective and give them an easy way of looking back…

2015 has been a wonderful year. It’s too easy to gloss over an entire year and forget all the amazing things you do, so I decided to go back through 2015 and note some of my personal highlights. I enjoy writing this stuff for myself as a personal motivator but you may wish to do the same as well.

Got engaged

This was the coolest thing I did this year. I’ve been with Rachel for just over five years now and I finally plucked up the courage to get down on one knee. I took her away to Fuerteventura for her birthday and popped the question on a sunset beach.

Image credit — TMDb

This is my first time writing on Medium. I’ve always wanted to write something but never really felt like I had an interesting enough story to share. This felt like a nice time to start as I’m building my next side project and am going to share the process on here.

Why am I starting another side project

So I had this lightning moment the other night, and actually decided to act on it!

My last side project, Newday, was a lot of fun but ultimately left me unsatisfied. My brother Tom and I worked on it pretty casually for about 6 months with our friend Lorenzo…

Joe Watts

Designer @weareleto. Founder @newday_app. Photographer. Gamer. Film geek

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