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Joe Woolsen
Nov 16, 2018 · 5 min read
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Save money with coupons while shopping at Sears. This new and rare coupon the magical “extra50” is now out in public. Today I’m going to share how you can become a lucky owner ofthe Sears coupon.

Before we get into the details I would like to ask you to follow me on Instagram @joewoolsen and twitter. I like to share valuable information that comes from the corporate offices and is only talked about behind the closed doors. So if you like to know about the trends before the come makes sure to stay in touch.

TL;DR version for the impatient:

Sears is experimenting with coupons. You can grab a hot, fat and juicy coupon if you are lucky. All it takes is a mobile device and 5 minutes. Here is how you get it: (More detailed explanation below)
using mobile device click here, be lucky and verify the claim —

Now back to the story. From what has been heard from the Sears headquarters, they have decided to experiment with high-reward coupons to see how they can incentivize bigger sales and bring in more revenue overall. And it makes a lot of sense if you think about it (a free hint for how to use these coupons) getting 50% off a $100 purchase is nice. But how about $1000 off from a $2k bill. See what they did there?

I personally think it’s a very interesting experiment and I’m definitely excited to see how it would work out. Nonetheless, Sears has always been playing around with coupons, which according to their annual reports had a strong impact on the growth of their annual revenue.

The interesting thing is that the coupons are limited to some amount (for the most obvious reasons duuuh). If I’m not mistaken they are even tracked live, to not cause a negative flow by a possible miscalculation. Risky move, but very brave. I love the fact that they decided to keep the whole thing as a “secret” in some sort of way because the distribution is done via online sources, which looks like another experiment of the market and detection of the most active and efficient marketing channels. Of course, they are also trying to not make a chaos in the market, where people would hunt each other down for these precious digital papers. So they are looking for some sort of underground ways to reach out to the public and stay under the radar at the same time.

As a licensed shopping psycho, I’ve already used the coupon, used it the second I found out about this thing. The important thing when it comes down to this specific offer is that the coupon can only be used once per person. Or to make things more accurate per mobile device. The distribution of these highly discounted coupons is done through mobile giveaway — the system that is connected to the database of Sears. You are asked to verify the device, which is going to be registered in their database and you won’t be able to get another coupon with the same device. If you got that old iPhone 4 laying somewhere in the box in your basement it’s not a bad idea to go find it. Unfortunately, I like to not keep any old technology around the house, that’s why this option is not available for me. But if you have access then, by all means, go for it. (Hint: maybe some of your relatives have not read this post and won’t be mad at you…) What if they did and your phone has been used without you even knowing? Just kidding, I hope it’s not the case. I don’t want anyone to get paranoid after reading this.

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My prrrreciousssssss

“So how to get the coupon” you would ask. Simple. There is a page. (Actually there are some of them, but I’m aware about only this one.)
Step 1. Go to this page.
Step 2. (Be lucky the giveaway is on.)
Step 3. Verify your device.
Step 4. Claim the coupon.
Step 5. Buy that vegan mattress you’ve always wanted to. (Just kidding)

Now as for now it’s unclear if this is going to be a permanent kind of thing if these coupons will get picked up by the “mainstream” and cause a lot of drama and chaos, or things will just stay as they are. But one thing is clear for sure, holidays are coming and people will be spending their dimes. So it’s a perfect timing from the infamous chain of department stores. (Again, I’m fascinated by this move and really excited to see how it will work out for them) For you and me it’s a great opportunity to save some money in this crazy period of the year when wallets tend to get empty.

As I said I got my coupon the first second I got to know about it. I was one of the first ones to get into the whole thing. After a day things picked up and it got harder to receive the coupon (from what I’ve heard as a feedback). I shared this almost the same day on my twitter and received some of those angry messages that I’m trying to fool someone. I’m not affiliated with Sears in any way, but I actually wish I was!
Dear Sears employees if you are reading this I’m doing a free promotion for your amazing brand and service, I would love to get a paid sponsorship.
No, but for real if things don’t work, don’t blame me for it. I’m just sharing because I used it myself and have seen it working for others. Keep trying you are not losing anything anyway. Or don’t.

If you found any of this information valuable or you just enjoy my crappy style of writing then feel free to follow me on twitter @joewoolsen for more information like this and other crazy trends in the online world.

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