Confirmation Bias and “self”-skepticism
Victor Garcia

Victor Garcia, it seems to me that many ideologies in the West (stemming from Christian thought) perpetuate this very idea you put forth, to be skeptical of one’s experience. In traditional, dogmatic Christianity, the self is inherently sinful and the self’s motives must be questioned and validated and redeemed from an externality — God through the church. So it seems to me that the issue is not self-validation that we need to be concerned with. It’s the our attempts to conform our selves and validate ourselves to those externalities that tell us to suppress our experience. We need to be skeptical, for sure, of those ways in which we are attempting to align ourselves with those ideologies that have been embedded in our subconscious thought. So perhaps the remedy is not to continue suppression but to truly move deeper into our experience. What do you think?