Hello Temecula!

Joe Fernandez
Nov 8 · 3 min read

Introducing the first Joymode Local Hub outside of Greater Los Angeles

One of the hardest parts of working at Joymode is having to tell your friends and family who don’t live in LA that they can’t use the service yet. We’ve greatly expanded the range of products we offer (now well over 2,000 with everything from a pressure washer for your driveway to a turkey fryer for Thanksgiving dinner). We’ve also made it easier to use the service by offering both one-off rentals and unlimited membership. Even though we desperately want to make Joymode available to everyone, we’ve kept our focus on Los Angeles.

Since the beginning our approach to scaling has been to focus on customer experience and unit economics. This has lead us to be really disciplined about expanding our footprint zip code by zip code. We’ve been able to maintain an incredibly high quality bar while continuously reducing operational costs. Not long ago we were all working out of my garage and just serving my neighborhood. Now we have a giant warehouse and serve more than 600 square miles of Greater Los Angeles. The crazy part is that there is still a lot more of LA for us to expand into as we continue to grow our home base.

LA is huge but we now cover a huge chunk of the city

Having delivered nearly 500,000 products (and saving our customers more than $50,000,000 vs buying the products themselves) there have been a bunch of surprises we’ve discovered along the way. I originally thought we would mainly find traction in really dense urban cores. Joymode is an obviously great solution for people who don’t have much storage. And while we definitely have strong traction across LA’s densest neighborhoods, we have found just as much success out in the suburbs. In fact, more than 50% of Joymode customers live in houses.While delivery and pick up is a really strong value proposition, more than 25% of our reservations are picked up at our local hubs across Los Angeles. Our customers tell us they like the control of being able to get the products they need exactly when they need them.

With this knowledge and the confidence we’ve gained in operating a highly complex logistical system across an already huge geography here in LA, we feel it’s time to accelerate our expansion.

I am excited to announce we are opening our first local hub outside of Los Angeles with our new location in Temecula. Current Joymode customers who might be traveling to the surrounding wine country near Temecula can book any product for self pick up and drop off at our new location. We are also excited to introduce Joymode to a whole new community and are thrilled to already see locals renting products from us.

This also marks the first time one of our local hubs has been inside another store. You can find us inside the Temecula Walmart. 80% of our users have told us that when they use Joymode they end up going to the grocery store for all the consumables they need to accompany their rentals. The convenience of this location and giving our customers direct access to all the groceries they might need is something we are really excited about.

This is a huge step for us as we grow throughout Southern California. We look forward to opening many more of these local hubs both as stand alone spaces and inside other establishments as we accelerate our expansion.

If you find yourself in Temecula, please stop by and say hi! We are open daily from 10am — 7pm and can serve both online orders and instant bookings.

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