Why does Malta Need To Be in Your Travel Bucket List?

As we see in recent times, many people are now becoming wandered and travelers who have become so active in digging rarest of the rare locations for traveling, while some people are no aware of places like Malta.

Does Malta exist? Where is it located? These questions generally pop out of the people’s mind. Many people have no idea where the location is. So, to help them out, this blog post has come up informing about Malta and reasons to why to pack our bags and visit there.

To introduce Malta — it is a located in the Mediterranean Sea; ranging about 60 miles south of Sicily, Italy and about 160 miles towards the north of Libya. The three Island — Malta, Comino and Gozo creates a beautiful land that would definitely win your heart. Among the three, Malta is the largest and most visited island from all over the world.

Why Visit Malta?

Malta such an enchanting location boasts a lot many draws like beaches that have sparkling turquoise water, blend of cultures, historical stories and buildings, friendly locals, fantastic accommodations and much. There is no doubt now that why Malta should be on your travel bucket list! Yeah?

Has your interest developed in knowing Malta with details? Here we go with some more descriptions to make Malta at the top bucket list.

Eye-Popping Beaches

Malta has the cleanest beach sides with the clearest water in the Mediterranean region. This island comprises both sandy and stone beaches with beautiful rocky backdrops. All the rocky backdrops are naturally created with beautiful views and are perfect for your pictures and selfies, of course.

Some famous beaches could also attract you with its stunning beauty and natural existence. Those beaches are like — Golden Bay, Blue Lagoon, Wied-il-Ghasi, Ghajn Tuffieha, etc. These beaches are excellent for all water activities and experience the utmost nature’s beauty.

The cave and tunnels of Malta give adventurous experience and are fantastic to wonder some ancient ones.

Incredible Range of Accommodations

Malta also offers opportunities to stay in luxurious 5-star hotels to trendy resorts and condominiums and plethora of independent homes offering complementing bed and breakfast facility in Malta. Overall, Malta offers a variety of accommodations at affordable tags. This means, if you are on a limited budget, you can get best stay roof wherever you want to stay.

Welcoming People

What best you will find in Malta at the time of your entrance is ‘welcoming people’ with warmth, friendly and utmost love. The people are not only friendly and lovely they are giving when it comes to any help. Maltese people contribute in every event that Malta sponsors for their guests and travelers.

Outstanding Taste of Food

If you get a blend of different island’s taste, you can think what you can expect to eat. Yeah? This is what Malta offers to you! Maltese food offer blend of Sicilian and the Middle East food with add-ons of local ingredients. Spanish and Provencal cuisines influence the cuisines. Some famous cuisines you should try like —

Lampuki Pie (Fish pie)

Stuffat tal-fenek (Rabbit stew)

Bragioli (Beef olives)


Hobz biz-zejt ( bread dipped in olive oil)

So, did you bought tickets for Malta?

Now you should book your tickets for Malta Hotels as Summers are approaching, and it could be best to visit to view and experience real fun.