You are going to die.

Gary Vaynerchuk said it multiple times, his notable, 3 word phrase of advice, “You‘re gunna die.’”


Yes, I thought, we all die. It’s the end of life, so what? If you’re alive, then you should know that one day, your time will come, and your life will end. It’s common sense.

It wasn’t until a friend of mine shared this article, that it really hit me.

25,000 mornings, that’s it. If you put a dollar aside for every morning you woke up as an adult, you’d barely have enough to buy a car. That should put it in perspective for most of you. 25,000 mornings from the day you turn 18 to the day life stops.

Honestly, that scared the shit out of me. I’m willing to ride roller coasters, load up a bar with as much weight as possible, and lift it. I’d even jump out of a plane, but death scares me.

Imagine waking up one day to your normal daily life — seeing friends, loved ones, eating, drinking, being happy, to all of a sudden, nothingness.

“That’s all, folks!”

If that doesn’t motivate you, nothing will. Our time in life is limited, so don’t waste it. 25,000 days is not a lot.

Have fun, travel lots, eat well, spread love, and most importantly, do what makes you happy. Help others, and create as often as possible. You only have a certain amount of days, but your creations will live on until people stop sharing them.

Last, but as far from least as possible, show your family that you love them. They’ve done a lot to raise you, just reciprocate the love back.

As long as what makes you happy doesn’t hurt anyone else, do whatever it is you want to your hearts content. And who cares what other people think, we’re all on the same clock, and we’re all going to end up in some hole in the ground.

Your 25,000 is counting down, fast. What are you going to do with it?
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