Know How Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour famous in the world?

Buddhism is one of the very old religion in India and perhaps the only religion which crossed India border for the very first time. With Buddhist tours you will be exploring all the great sites in India which are very significant to monks and people going on pilgrimage tours.

There are four most important sites which are also popular not only in India but also in the world; these sites are Bodh Gaya, Lumbini, Khushinagar and Rajgir.

Your Buddhist tour will start from Bodh Gaya, one of the four main important sites. The significant of this site can be stated in few words as — It is the holy place where Buddha meditated under a Bodhi tree and achieved the state of Nirvana for the very first time. After becoming the enlightened one Buddha had many followers, he started with only few of his followers. Bodhgaya situated near the river Niranjana, there are many great sites for you to visit in Bodh Gaya these includes Bodh Tree, The Maha Bodhi Temple also visit many of the monasteries and stupas built by devotees from other countries.

Bodhi Tree

The Buddha teaching that you will explore during your Buddhist pilgrimage tour are scatted through different countries, in early 7th century A.D. Buddha teaching had a strong establishment in Tibet. Following that we had Muslims invasion across various parts of India, due to which Buddhism religion almost vanished from India, the slow continuous declined of Buddhist from India lasted long but eventually after some time, India had Buddhism religion once again. During this decline the devotees of from other countries kept the religion going and today’s devotees can be found in countries like China, Japan, Sri Lanka etc. It is a wonder in itself that despite the various conflicts between 7th to 13th century, the various Buddhist sites remain untouched except few which were completely destroyed. Due to the vast interest of various archeologists and government, these pilgrimage sites have been renowned. It’s almost two and half millennium since Buddha first gave his teaching at a deer park in Sarnath wit only his few followers, now there are more than ever people from various countries following the Buddhist teachings and many believe their life as Buddhist monks that can be found at these Buddhist sites.

With many cities to visit during your Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour, all the facilities like hotel stay, vehicle for driving purpose and tour guide will be provided to you by your hired tour and travel company, charges such as toll tax and fuel costing will also be inclusive to your tour package, so that you can have a wonderful time expiring all these holy sites with having to worry about anything. After your tour ends at Lumbini, you will be transferred back to Delhi, where you will be dropped off at Delhi’s airport or your preferred hotel, where we will say our goodbyes and you many carry onwards with your journey with lots of happy memories of your tour.