No don’t be shooked, he isn’t dead but his career is. So instead of laughing at him or wonder when he is going to drop a hit. Join me as we celebrate his legacy from being a one time best rapper (which is highly debatable) to being the best song writer this generation has seen to a big name struggling for a hit.

It was around 2007 or is it 2008 when i heard a song called “give me blow”, it had insane profane lyrics that any hoe minded adolescent like myself could vibe to. Little did I know that was going to be the start of a beautiful career for the

greatest profanity rapper of all time. The song was a big hit, so it called for a remix that involved almost everybody that was hot at that time. (Side Note: the song sparked the Richie crunk beat revolution). Next, he drops “Pigaro” another hit record, at this point he is 2 for 2 and if he drops another hit record he will walk on water, just like how Jesus did and what does he do ? He drops “manager”, another instant hit.

Not only was he dropping hit records, he was always penning down big songs for Irene Logan (run away) and Efya (little things). Look you have no idea how big these songs were and the awards they’ve won.

But the good comes with the bad too, his highly opinionated, out spoken self has landed him into a lot trouble that he is not supposed to be in. He has used his twitter account to highlight his troubles with his former management, MUSIGHA, Charterhouse and other prominent event organizers. It’s always good to out people involved in shady dealings but it’s always necessary to solve it with them in a very matured manner.

“For the other squad they don’t need to be mentioned, puss in boots craving for attention”. Those lyrics belong to his song “no more kpayor” a very controversial song which had him taking jabs at R2Bees, Kwaw Kese and others. He was once the go to guy for all the best guest verses.

Despite all these winnings and promising career he has had, it’s ended like Icarus. He flew too close to the sun, forgetting that heat melts wax. He has become a twitter diva, always complaining instead of calling up Richie and giving us the hits they used to give us. What type of person makes a record as horrible as. “check your weight”, “Big Johnny” or “wasted”? The closest you had for a comeback was with the Kwabena Kwabena assisted “bye bye” and even that didn’t get far.

Oh did Glo renew their endorsement with you?

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