Believe it or not every man’s natural fear is to be friend zoned by that hot chic that he wants. This fact even applies to women as well. The friend zone is something that does not respect gender or sexuality. I get friend zoned from time to time, I even know a chic who I’ve been trying to kick it with for a while now, but looks like I’m stuck in an entangled web of friend zone aka the “you are a nice person but I just don’t see us together” part of life.

Before you shoot me or call me an evil genius for encouraging friend zoning, answer this question for me. Which one would you choose, the devil you know or the angel that you don’t know? Cuz I’m definitely going for the devil I do know.

We all know women like to zone guys just for the hell of it and guys zone girls because she has this hot friend that we like or our street cred will fall once we start fucking with that particular chic. No one abuses the advantages of friendships like women you haven’t slept with yet. Women you haven’t slept with yet are like that sexy ex-girlfriend who is always looking good and also throws some thirst your way but never gives you some.

Women particularly think they are smart until they meet a mentally deranged human being like me. Call me crazy but I love it when a girl friend zones me, I mean there is always a strategy to it. I really do believe that a man and a female can never be friends. Why? cuz the same reason applies to why a lion will never befriend his meat (food). You see the thing is unlike us men, women like to talk about their problems, go to the movies, get foot massages, they like comfort and need security. The funny part of it all is they like to engage in these activities with the opposite sex and this where my story begins. You see we get zoned by single chics, I mean you must be crazy to let chic in a relationship with someone else zone you, don’t allow it. Its bad luck. When a single chic zones you, chances are, there is an ass hole in the picture blocking your shine, so this is what you do;

  • Ignore the zone you are in.
  • • Do away with self-respect and draw up a strategy.
  • • Now become a “bestie”. Oh yeah women love their besties.
  • When you ignore the zone you are in, it clears your conscience of any filth that will destroy your plan. Then you do away with self-respect cuz your boys will definitely be up in your business like “you are taking too long to smash this particular girl”. Once you proceed with your plan you get to become her bestie. Becoming a girl’s bestie > smashing Shakira. Don’t ask me why cuz it’s simple logic that a girl is likely to tell her bestie everything, like her insecurities, her favorite pick up line, what the next guy is doing wrong. She will call you first when she is broken hearted, women are selfish, she won’t ask you if you’ve got a new girlfriend or nah and that’s great it will help you with your plan.
  • One of the advantages of playing bestie is, when she is broken hearted, lonely and drunk and you are hanging with her, she will be definitely giving it to you. But at the end of the day it’s not all about sex, sometimes you have to get zoned by her just to know if she was the right choice for you. So you see it will never make sense for your girlfriend to have a male best friend, it has never made sense. Imagine your girl telling another guy your relationship problems.
  • Please don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just a young chap trying to get my twitter followers up.
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