the process of considering or reasoning about something; intelligence


using thought or rational judgement.

In plain common sense, thinking is the reason God gave us a working brain. Certain people even go ahead and describe thinking as dreaming or the generation of ideas. Thinking is an act that is crucial to improving the quality of life and should lead to action. Without it, seemingly productive activity can fall short of its goals.

Many people say that there’s a huge difference between thinkers and doers. Which is right. Thinkers are often planners and dedicated to picturing an idea before implementation. However, doers are more concerned with the physical manifestation of thought and will often do whatever it takes to accomplish that. In most cases, despite the difference, thinking is as important as doing. You need to, as the saying goes, “think it into existence”. Thinking sparks inspiration and forms the will to go out and do something that will change the world. The two actions complement each other.

A man that does not use his thought process as a resource is heavily flawed. An instance is when a person, hoping to improve a third world country in which he lives, constantly compares it to the first world. Doing so ignores the history of the different countries, the years dedicated to either hard-work and progress or battling the long-term effects of colonialism and slavery and the unique needs and resources of each country. Often, socio economic policy, introduction of technology and adoption of cultures, is often done without this form of intense reflection. This is also why, although the Internet is a beautiful thing, because it makes the world a global village, it does not benefit all countries at the same rate or for the same reasons. Its introduction means different things to different societies and the only way to determine this is to think about one’s environment, remote or immediate.

Since thinking is a resource, it needs to be updated constantly. The process relies on one’s collective experiences and cannot expand beyond what ones already knows. That is, until simple deliberate moves are made to expand ones knowledge and experiences; picking up a book, reading an article, watching a documentary, travelling. Develop a child-like inquisitiveness. These activities feed your mind with new information and give you further insight into the things you already know. Like Lego blocks, new insight connects to the old, allowing you to develop larger, more sophisticated and more beautiful ideas.

It still costs $0 to think; a bargain, considering the payoffs. Thinking prevents you from making wasteful mistakes, saving you time money and effort. How many times do we see buildings torn down because contractors did not think through the viability of the building’s location and design? The best part is, while others refuse to think, you can end up getting paid a lot of money to do so for them.

Critical thinking is important for your own mental development and makes you a valuable contributor to society.


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