Yeah I know you don’t want to believe this, but it’s your loyal down to earth girlfriend who loves to see you broke. Don’t ask me why, just think about it. Remember that Friday night you wanted to go kick with the boys but you didn’t get the chance to go because you didn’t have any money on you? Then it just hit you, you told your girl about it and she gave you the greatest sex ever.

Good that was just one instance, what about that one time you were saving up to get those new Jordans, just to swag on some other guy and the girls on your instagram and all of a sudden some shit day like Valentines, her birthday or your relationship anniversary is here?

If you think your girlfriend wants to see you get money and go to the club to pop bottles, post drunk tweets or even post pictures of you and other girls on instagram, then you must be mad. See, your girlfriend isn’t in Accra to look at the independence square. She even wishes those 200 likes you recently got on instagram were from all guys. She wants you to look good but only in her room. Do you remember complaining about how that girl blocked you on twitter and you didn’t know why? Yeah she pretended she was mad at it but she low-key loved it and want it to happen more often.

I know you still won’t believe me cuz your probably drunk in lust but ask yourself this question, if your ex-girlfriend at one point in her life couldn’t live a day without you, why does she dislike you so much right now? What type of wrong can’t be forgiven?

Anyways it’s whatever, but just remember only a person who has loved you before can legit hate you. And oh yeah special fuck you(s) to Ayittey Powers for being a clown, KOD for disrespecting our boxers, Jay Z for getting his ass whooped by his sister in law and Benfica for ruining boys’ bets. Have a good weekend.

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