Philadelphia mafia been growing numbers Since the late 80’s

the crime family has about 30 to 40 members on the street; plus several new members, who were recently inducted. The Philly mob hasn’t been this large since the bloody days of Nicky Scarfo’s reign.

There also a new mob faction they go by the name as 12th street for 12th& Ritnter. A street in South Philadelphia just few blocks away from Street boss Mikey Lancellotti. There a young group some of the kids fathers or relatives Are in the Philadelphia Cosa Nostra . Like

Nick mazzone. frank Brocco who’s Dominic Grande cousin and others .

(Anthony Accardo Robert bonanno Mikey Lancellotti unknown unknown and Dominic Grande )

The Philadelphia mob have a few members only club now we seen Joseph Ligambi go in few times and also Mikey lance and Joseph Merlino .