Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Working at home by using computers and telephones is much betterthan working in office.

The development of technology has makes it possible for people working at home by using computers and internet, which is pretty convenient. But, is that better than working in office? I highly doubt that.

First, home just not the place designed for work, it is designed for live and relax, which means it may too cozy to work. Think about what we do when we stay at home, we drink bears and eat snack, enjoy the TV series, how can we concentrate on work while in that circumstance. As we know, the surroundings will effects behaviors, and when you are working, a little bit sense of tense is actually helping people to focus, which means people can easily be distracted while stay in home. It is the same reason of why students rather go to study in library then study at dorm. I was tried study at dorm for a week, because library is usually full of students, which is hard to find a seat. However, after a few days, I found that I need more time to bring myself into concentration than I used do in library. Finally I decided go back to library even through it is hard to find a seat.

On the other hand, some job just couldn’t work at home, mainly considering the properties of some occupation. Especially when it need a lot of team work and communication, for instance, the doctor and lawyer. Even if the technology is advanced enough to solve the problems of communication and teamwork, but the relationship with colleagues will be hardly to build. And people working at home will lost a lot of opportunity to get promoted. If I am the CEO of a company, I will never promote a staff who usually working at home. Besides that, working at home you will miss many chances to build relationship with colleague and make new friends. Live in this society we need friends, especially the friends around you.

Altogether, working at home will cause some issues which quite severe, includes ineffective working and the lack of enough social contact that may affects both work and life. Obviously, the benefits of working at home, like comfortable and free are not reasonable enough to support such behavior. Thus, I do not agree with the statement of working at home by using computer and telephone is better than working in office.