Introduction to Joey Focus…

Hello world

My name is Joey and im lost! Not only on this platform which I admit I have no idea what this sh*t is about. But if im right its a platform for me to ramble on about the f*ckery that is called my life and since im selfish and dont have any real sh*t going on I have lots of time to talk about me!

First of all im a devoted ex husband and the on again off again boyfriend of the anti-christ. I have a caring mother who hates my girlfriends until they realize im never going to grow up and dump me. This is when she becomes their bestfriend and spends time everyday exchanging views and opinions of me… and of course the answers to all my problems which are all so simple to fix since its just all bullshit I create to be difficult and to avoid real life!…

Im a father of 2 sons.. well and 2 daughters but thats for another episode of Maury on dead beat dads and the woman who love them.. My 2 sons are 6 and 8 and are the main reasons I havent become a full-time inmate or a ghost haunting and f*cking with the people I loved who didn’t show up to my funeral. Today im picking my mini me’s up from school early to go halloween costume shopping and I am excited. Cause I love shopping! Even when my budget didnt leave room for food little alone a hundred bucks in costumes… but this is the world we live in and I refuse to let my seeds go without just because daddy is a chapter 6 f*ck up..

A bit more about myself though.. Im thirty something, ive screwed up every opportunity I have ever had and burnt down all bridges ive ever been given the courtesy to cross. Ive dealt with addiction issues since I was a teenager and although im clean for the most part drugs and alcoholic still f*ck up most of the good things in my life. I have been a bit of a hoodlum ever since I was able to walk out of corner stores with candy in my pockets and have always lived on the line of law bidding contributing citizen and complete steal your wallet f*ck up. My kids calmed me down but im still taking the easy way out nine out of ten times. I am loyal to the few I consider loved ones and have very strong opinions on social iasues and will stand up for the little guy anytime anywhere! My father is white and my Mother is Aboriginal by way of Eel Ground First Nations. I am a Status Native but technically have the blood of a Metis and look like a knock off Eminem without money, talent or anything really to bring to the table(sidenote: Eminem stole my style). I will admit im horrible with grammer and definitely think im much more intelligent than I am. But this is me anyhow..

Thanks for listening,

Joey Focus