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Lillard ($4)
KAT ($4)
Paul George ($4)
Tony Allen ($1)
Porzingis ($2)

A balance of offense and defense. I’m surprised more people didn’t pick Lillard, especially when he dropped 50 against GSW last year.


Lillard <-> Curry

KAT <-> Green

PG <-> KD

Tony Allen <-> Klay

Porzingis <-> Zaza

Curry on Lillard is a very close matchup, as Lillard’s athleticism and quickness is on par with Curry’s. KAT is very lengthy, and though Green might be able to bully him on strength, KAT is just as quick as Green on the perimeter and has long limbs that can bother Green’s shots. KD is the most complete offensive player in the NBA right now, but PG is also a phenomenal defender. Though Klay Thompson is taller, Tony Allen’s strength and experience as a defender can stop Klay. I don’t really trust Porzingis as a defender much, but putting him on Zaza is not that big of an issue.

Offensively, Tony Allen is the only real liability, but Lillard, KAT, PG can all create their own shots very very well. It’ll be a toss-up, but this team could beat the Warriors in a player-to-player matchup.

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