The Multi Media Triangle

Hey, what’s up guys? This is Joey from algorithm. I am the CEO and co-founder, and I’m also the CEO and founder of Krav Maga XD. Today we’re going to build up on the last week’s live video challenge that we sent out to everybody. So if you haven’t watched it yet go back and see it.

Basically, we were trying to ask all of our clients and people that just want to be part of our community to go live every day on Facebook or Instagram, providing value to your clients, or prospective clients, and to really get your name out there, brand yourself better, create celebrity authority, get the ball rolling, and up your content creation.

Now, I’m going to add onto that challenge. We’re gonna make you do something crazy. Basically, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have you do even more work, but I’m going to show you how to scale that where you aren’t actually doing more work.

Here’s what it looks like. So, to start off with, we have the Multi Media Triangle. This is our little fun triangle.

Now what we’re doing already is we’re doing the Facebook lives, so we’ll put that at the top of the triangle. So you’re doing your Facebook lives and what’s happening is that you are massively creating more value for people that don’t know you, and for your existing clientele, you’re also getting more views than you would be if you didn’t do them live.

You are also getting more engagement on your post. People are trusting you more so your trust factor is going up a lot. The reason why is because with live videos you aren’t slicing and editing, or looking perfect and everything’s polished. People resonate with that better because if you make a mistake, people actually like mistakes. Meaning they trust you more because you’re more human. The more you cut every single time you’re talking it get’s kind of fishy. People tend to go “What did you just cut out? Did you say something wrong? Did you see something that I’m not going to like? Why’d you cut that out? Why does this look pretty? Why are you reading the teleprompter?”

People resonate with you more, the more human you are (which is a very weird concept, but it works). Now, the more trust you gain, obviously the more people are gonna watch. And this goes back and forth because you’re giving them value and you’re gaining trust, which is increasing views. Now, every new person that this happens to, every new viewer, you’re going to give more value and then you’ll get more trust. So this is going to go up incrementally. You’re also getting tons of experience just talking live. Secondary, you’re getting tons of experience in noticing things to talk about live. Meaning, when things happened today or when you’re talking with somebody, or to a client of yours, or you’re helping somebody out, you may get an idea like, “Hey, this might be a great live video for me to do.” So that might be become your live video and you’re becoming a more aware person and you start getting a lot more knowledge that way, and of course you getting the experience of going live.

Lastly, your celebrity status is going off the roof because people are seeing you everyday now with all the value and trust. Now they’re starting to resonate with you and look at you as an authority that’s also celebrity status and drone video and they can recognize you and here’s a face on it. Okay?

Enough about that - watch last week’s video to get the full scoop on that and the frameworks you need to use for it.

This week we’re going to add onto this. We’re already making you do a ton of work. I mean, it’s not easy to go live everyday. Trust me, I know I’ve done it a lot in the past. I’m starting to get back into that again too with you guys, but the hard part is is that we need to. Let’s use this for more, so what we’re gonna do is I’m going to have you do two more things:

Number one, the thing that we don’t really love, we’re going to tell you to blog. I know, I know. It’s okay.

Number two, we’ll also tell you to create and make your own podcast. Just for this purpose. If you already have a podcast, you can continue to do that. I don’t recommend necessarily adding this to your current podcast because the subject matter will be a little different, with the format a little different, and it might not work so well for you. If you don’t have a podcast or you don’t have a good podcast, you can add this to it.

So, oh my God, I’m telling you to go live every day. I’m also telling you to write a blog everyday, and I’m also telling you to make a podcast every fricking day.

So here’s how this is gonna work. This is called the Multi Media Triangle. This is what we do with our clients. We take that live video, and then we’re going to download the video and export the audio. So, from this live video, we get audio that creates your podcast.

Oh crap. You didn’t have to do anything. The video that you already did turned into a podcast for you.

Now you’re gonna take that podcast (or you can take the video, doesn’t really matter which one you use), and you’re going to upload that to a transcription service. You’re going to get words from it and upload that to your blog. I use Medium just because it’s out there. It’s free. It’s easy. If you have Wordpress or Squarespace, you can use that, it doesn’t matter.

For podcast, I use — it’s free and has a cool mobile APP. You can record your podcast onto it, or you can upload audio to it. It’s so easy that it’s dumb not to use it.

And that’s it. From one thing, the live video, you can turn into a and a blog. That’s your multimedia triangle. That’s what we do. That’s what we’re trying to help you guys do: to scale where you’re already doing and get more effect from it. If you want an added bonus, here’s what I recommend. Take this video and have your assistant (or you) and upload it to Youtube as well. That’s going to help you with your a lot and you get some actually some good traffic on Youtube and then upload it to Instagram TV and scream. TV is still new. It’s not very popular yet, but if you start backlogging and having a whole bunch of these videos on there, if it does become popular, it’s just a good place to have your stuff.

Okay. Let’s just be honest. Sometimes they release something new, it doesn’t work out so well and they get rid of it, but sometimes you’ll lose something new and then you wish you were on it before everybody else was on it, so costs no extra money. Upload your videos onto there. Okay guys, that’s it. Got Your live video. It’s on Youtube and Instagram, so you’re videos are out. Take that video now. The podcast people love podcasts and you have a blog, so when people search for you and the information that you’re talking about comes up on search results, you’re just more likely to be out there.

Now, the hard part is that sometimes transcriptions don’t sound so good, and transcriptions don’t read that well as a written blog post, so what you have to do, and it costs a little bit more money if you don’t do it yourself, is to have somebody take that transcription and just clean it up. Just go in there and edit it to make sure it runs well. Make sure the sentences aren’t run-off sentences since, usually, when you’re speaking you have run-off sentences. I’m not very good at writing like that, so I don’t personally do it myself. We have an assistant that comes in to downloads the video, uploads the audio podcast. They transcribe it and then they write it. Then he put the blog on and then upload it to Youtube and Instagram TV. It takes about an hour, um, to do it. You can do it yourself to start off with. If you start seeing this as a very practical thing to do, I recommend off shooting this whole thing. You get up, you talk live every day and that’s your job. The rest of it will just happen on its own.

All right guys. That’s it. That’s part of the challenge. The Multi Media Triangle. Get that going and kick some ass!

Check out the Facebook video here!