Hey, what’s going on guys? Right now we’re going to go over a simple message for the day and this is called the pain web.

So, this is one of the things that we do when we’re starting to craft a new product or messaging or marketing system. And until you figure this part out, you really shouldn’t move forward with anything that you’re doing because you’re going to be hitting the wrong spot. You’re going to be throwing darts at a board with no bulls eye. This is called the pain web.

If you watched my video yesterday called ‘The Hammer’, we talked about that people aren’t buying the hammer, but they’re buying the result of the hammer. Now this is going to go even deeper into that. This is like The Hammer 2.0. It is The Pain Web.

So, basically we get the pain at the person’s in. Let’s say for example, if someone needs to lose weight and you’re selling a fitness product. The pain is that they need to lose weight. They’re fat.

In the pain web we have four different things you want to focus on. And an easy way to remember it is going to be PERF. P-E-R-F. So, the P is the physical. The E is the emotional,The R is going to be relational, and then the F will be financial.

These are basically the four aspects of your life, right?
You have your physical, your physicality, your body, your health, your emotional, your spirituality, and the way your brain thinks, your clarity of mind. You have your relational. This is going be your marriage and your kids and your family and your friends. You have your financial, which is your business or your income and family finances.

That’s your pain web here. Now, what we want to do is they focus here. This is like in ‘The Hammer’, the last video; they focus on the initial surface pain. But what we really need to do is start going into these other elements.

P —

The physical. Well, this is going to be obvious in that you are sick because when you’re overweight, your body is not happy. So maybe we’re sick. Maybe we’re slow. Maybe we have other issues. We’re always in pain because we don’t work out.


So, hey, if they are overweight, let’s go down to their emotional side. Maybe you are tired all the time because when you eat bad, your energy is bad. Maybe when you’re overweight you are not confident, right? Because we don’t like the way we look. Maybe we feel like we’re not worthy. So we decide to not get in a relationship. So no relationships either way. You get the idea. So we’re kind of going deep into that.

R —

Relational, okay. We can connect these two together. So relational. So maybe since you don’t have confidence, maybe there is no relationships. Or, maybe, the way that your weight does affect your relational is that you have lack of intimacy because you don’t feel sexy. See where I’m going with this?

F —

And the next stage, the financial. Well, if you are overweight and let’s say you have low energy, and you don’t have the How it takes to go the next level, that’s going to affect your financials. If you’re always tired and slow and groggy, you’re not going be able to produce at the energy and the height that you are able to. Obviously you can’t find out the things.

Okay, well there’s our Pain Web.

You can go deeper into each one and you can start going, okay, well if they’re overweight and they’re in the relationships and they have lack of intimacy because they’re overweight and they have zero confidence, maybe they also have other issues. So, we’re going really, really deep into the pain web.

Now the good marketers will figure out a way to go, okay, how do we connect this and that and make our messaging about these things and really connect with people because we connect not the surface level, but the deep level of our consumer’s problems? And then the best thing to do is build your product to solve these problems rather than solving lose weight.

So instead of Folks, I’ll lose weight, we’re going to focus on getting your energy, your confidence back, and that is what our product is about. That is what our ads are about. That is what we all talk about. What your messaging is about. That is what your core is about. This is what we serve.

Here’s our target audience now. Our target audience are people that are low energy, that lack confidence, not people that just need to lose weight — that’s a given.

So hopefully this makes sense. The idea is that we’re just trying to go deeper in less of a surface level approach to marketing. We’re actually talking to people at a deep level where we’re resonating with their heartstrings here. Now, you can use this too for damage. I mean, you can start selling things that don’t work and that is bad for people and you can try to sell them using people’s deepest desires, which is very bad too. And we do not recommend it. If you do that, I will find you.

But the idea is that if you do have a product that really does help people, you need to get on a deeper level with them. And this pain web is a very, very, very easy to-do tactic to do that.

Write it out. Physical. Emotional. Relational. Financial. Go deep into what that problem is and how it affects all four areas. And then fire away, you go one layer deeper. And then, your messaging and your targeting, your copyrighting, your headlines will focus around the pain web.

Alright guys, that’s it for today. Focus on that. Write it out today. Get your notebook out. Circle Pain Web. Remember. Physical. Emotional. Financial. and Relational. Talk soon!

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