30 Day Challenge - Go Live Everyday!

Today, I’m here to challenge you to go live on social media platforms everyday for 30 days. Going live is a marketing strategy that could help businesses get the most money and it has various benefits. First, you get to grow your reach organically. For example, Facebook pushes you out to other people without you even needing to spend any money while you're live. Second, you get to improve your communication skills. Impromptu speaking is one of the things people struggle with the most at the beginning, but it's something you need to get used to. It gets easier the more you do it.

The two most famous live platforms are Facebook and Instagram. Focus on the ones that you're pushing ads to, so if you're doing a lot of Facebook ads, post your live videos on Facebook. I recommend doing both, however, you can always switch, depending on your preference. I personally prefer Instagram because it’s fun. Facebook's great too since you'll get more organic reach on Facebook.

To help with your live videos, I will be sharing with you a framework that I have used for my posts. I use a framework that I call "what -> why -> story -> apply". This, actually, stays on my white board 24/7, I never erase this and I just jump into it everyday when I do live videos.


What is, basically, your topic of the day. It answers the question, “What am I talking about?”. Today, we are talking about daily content.


Why answers the question, “Why are we talking about it?”.

For today’s topic these are the reasons why we are talking about live videos:
It builds value to your clients
When people start seeing you, they begin to trust you, which gives them value
You become Omnipresent
When people see you everyday, they realize that you’re somebody out there providing value and you’re always there having conversations. When they finally want to connect with you, it becomes a lot easier to do so as opposed to seeing you for the first time. This in turn, builds friendship or a familiarity, which something that people don’t usually do.
You become Celebrity Authority
In the marketplace, there is a pyramid. You have the generalist at the bottom, then specialist, then authority, and finally celebrity authority at the top. When you hit celebrity authority status, you can make sales and offers and get a higher conversion and make so much more money without doing more effort. It would be a lot easier to sell to people who recognize you as the person from the TV commercial, news, case studies, and/or interviews.


Story means giving an example of a personal experience, which can be a client of yours or whatever you’re currently doing.

For example, I am going to tell you a story about how being omnipresent has improved my company.

I have another company called KRAV MAGA XD, which is everywhere. When someone looks up Krav Maga in our location, they’re gonna see 20–30 videos, magazines, ads, blog posts, pictures, and everything else. Being everywhere, has put us on top of the authority status. Because of this, I’ve had people come into the shop for the first and they see me and they get nervous because they think I’m famous; even though, I’m not famous at all. But because I’m everywhere, they associate me with being famous. Because of the familiarity and the image of being a celebrity authority, it becomes a lot easier to sell them after that.


This is telling your audience how they can apply what you’re saying to their business or their life.

For our current topic, the application is to go live on a social media platform for 30 days.

Some people get confused because they don’t know what to post or what to talk about. This is important because we want to create value videos and not just talk about random stuff. A lot of times with our main clients, we create three-video series and we talk about different pillars that we try to make our client from sad to happy. Then we deliver this content that just gets people good value, which will make them buy from you. For your videos, we can do the same thing but over a broader spectrum.

For example, all businesses give some sort of value. We will then try to convert our target market from sad to happy. What we’re gonna do is figure out what are the pillars that you rcompany talks about. You can do 3 pillars, 2 pillars, or 4 pillars, or you can change the number of pillars, depending on what you want to do.

In my Krav Maga company we have three pillars: self-defense, physical, and mental. With this in mind, the first video could be about self-defense, the next one would be about physical topics, and the next one would be about mental topics, which gives you a total of 3 videos. Then, you can keep creating videos that correspond to your pillars. You can go back and forth on the main pillars, which can help you stay congruent and consistent with your message and value.

After talking about the basics, here’s a challenge: go live on your preferred social media platform for 30 days. Obviously we hope that you’re live much longer than that but everyday for 30 days is a seemingly good start for everybody! Talk to people. Stay within the framework of your business and pillars of what you do and let’s kick some ass on 2019, bye!

You may check-out the Facebook live link to this topic here.



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