How will exchanges that need to do KYC use loopring?
John McCarthy

This… I’m stumped on :(

I’ll reach out to the dev team and see what kind of solutions they’ve got cooking up.

One possibility is that the protocol for wallets implementing Loopring will implement tiered relay access in the future that’s based on whether you’ve provided ID info or not. Currently, there’s an option to switch between multiple relays (as well as add custom relays, and local relays), so it’d be interesting if one relay gave you access to exchanges on the network that don’t have KYC policies, and then a different relay became available to join, that would include all the KYC exchanges, after all possible ID info required by those exchanges had been uploaded.

The issue there would be protecting your information from the public, while still somehow making it available for the exchanges on the network to verify it, but… I’m just spitballin’ here :)

I’ll ask, though. They probably have something smarter figured out, haha.

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