There aren’t many guides on how to get easily scalable Ethereum node infrastructure that actually works decently well out there, so here’s a simple [albeit if not the most cost effective] approach.

First create some droplets on DigitalOcean. Something like the 8 GB + 160 GB of SSD space one will work well for this and cost you about $40/mo. Ssh in or use the GUI to click and open the console.

Once you’re in we’ll install supervisor to restart geth and keep it running if it goes down, install go-ethereum, and open ports needed to access it from the…

If you look at Augur right now there’s really essentially one core problem to be solved going forward: user experience. I’d always said something like “When Augur launches it’ll be slow, expensive, and hard to use.” The goal behind launch was to get something out there that fundamentally works, even though it has those three big limitations. Post launch, those are the three problems to be solved.

Given that Augur really is a market based platform/protocol, I think it’s always good to look, well, at the economics! General difficulties of using Augur will improve over time as the developers improve…

What happens when a VC + institutional trading firm acquires a news publication? It’s no longer news. More on that later.

A huge problem we have with the bitcoin media space is that there is currently almost no fact checking [to be fair, it doesn’t appear traditional media is any better recently]. I’ve done dozens of interviews since 2014: the number of publications that have fact checked after an interview is one. The number of publications that have fact checked before publishing an article is countable on one hand.

It’s time to call the bitcoin/blockchain “journalism” space out for this.

Joey Krug

Founder @ Augur, Co-CIO @ Pantera Capital

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