Finally, in the distance, lights emerge from behind the low early morning fog. Seventy four salt-skinned men and twenty eight salt-skinned women look eagerly onwards. Together they bob with the ocean, up and down, up and down, to the tune of God’s will and the mercy of men who captain Chinese fishing vessels. The boat drifts towards the lights, pushed by indifferent water, aided only by a ragged canvas sail that never wanted to carry this weight. Cruel, holy water. It holds out a ticket to those desperate enough to reach for one, but promises nothing. …

Photo by Jonathan Deiven

Sometimes a yearbook doesn’t quite cut it. In our final semester of university, the Systems Design Engineering class of 2017 was curious and wanted to dig a little deeper. We wanted something that captured our five years at the University of Waterloo and could give a sense of who we had become. What resulted was an in-depth survey, asking questions that covered everything from co-op salaries to love lives, from family origins to dreams for the future. 94% of the 82 students participated, resulting in a complete and comprehensive profile of our class.

Here are a few highlights from our…

I’m watching a merry-go-round of airplanes rising and setting through the Narita airport runways, waiting for my turn to queue at the gate. Although the luxury of checked baggage offers a welcomed lightness, the anticipation of ending this trip evokes an anxious heaviness in my chest. It’s been five months since I left, and I’m ready to come home.

I’m on the tail end of a trip through east and southeast Asia as part of a semester studying abroad in Singapore: two dozen towns and cities across 11 countries by plane, ship, train, bus, taxi, tuktuk, bike, and foot. My…

Joey Loi

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