Will last a lifetime.


Will form a connection, create a definition. Before it we consider and think.


What I am willing to see is a brighter future, for our hearts and minds. I will consider as many things beforehand. I won’t give you what you ask, I'll see that you learn what you need to not ask for it.


This is the first step, then you do it. Sometimes you speak it, and you will need patience. Remember it, know it when you most need it. Carry the thought, this is the attention you need to put effort. This is where you consider, and is the first step. This is where you listen and observe. When the world around you, is absorbed into life in your imagination. Reshaped and judged by your heart and mind.

What will you be aware of, what will you do, what will you say, and will you have the patience to keep it going? Your life is a choice, regardless of how much has become a settled matter. That is optional, you can lead any life you can think and do. We limit ourselves, out of reasons and beliefs we have in our mind. The greater your imagination, the more potential you are.


Not the dream, but the one step into the journey that you can see. Is it that coffee break, that keyboard you've wanted to build, maybe an incomplete building project? They look bigger, but when you get there it’s already happened. It takes experience to know indefinitely what and how things work. From that you form a list, and the experience invests in your success. Commit, you have a lifetime after all.


We think, we feel, we get, we give, and even question…
When we meet, before that there is love. Think “Before that”. Before a grasp of the tiny hands of children, or the kiss between parents. The handshake of our boss, the hug of a kindly new met friend. It is the link between us, as hate would be without the knowledge of them entirely ceasing them from existence (Within our mind). We are a generator of this drive, and why curiosity and willingness is a pleasant trait to witness in anyone. It gives, so we can get and feel. Then we think it over, and even question because sometimes…

I hope you enjoyed reading my words, and they become useful for you everyday or a day you need them. Are they a reminder, clarify your doubts, or just inspiring as they are? Words are our tools, to link the gap between us.

With love,