Slowly leaning against the window, my ears cool and listen to the rainfall. Incense burning nearby, smells like lavender. Fingering sores throughout my arms, easing the tension. Softening all of me, until I see my eyelids.

I open my eyes, warm sands sifted through my stroking affections. Humming to match the waves lullaby, as I gradually awaken. Desolate expanse satisfied my wandering curious eyes. White foam brushing the shore, and little crab creatures burrowing near my fingers. Sinking my pores as much possible, till the granular blanket surrounds all but my face.

A dark flash sweeps the landscape clear, in only a moment. Sweat drips down my forehead, as I focus on new details. Cosmic lights fill the dark above, twinkling. Foot after foot, mashing the ground. Air forming and billowing currents beyond my back. Soft grass giving beneath each urging foot. My pace smooth, and limbs flowing fluidly and freely. Energies pulse within me, purifying and logic defying. Rushing through endless atomic architecture, till a darkening cloud shrouds the lunar light.