These kids have found the answer…and it’s a chicken with questions.

What Birthed The Question?

I have had so many ideas come and go over the years. They slip through my minds fingers like wet scaly ferrets.

Ever have an amazing dream; a thought provoking, life changing dream? I’m speaking of course of those imagined pictures and sound impulses we experience in our sleep, not the other kind of dream (i.e. the American Dream).

I’ve been having more than a few these days; these truly amazing flashes of otherworldly ecstasy. I get some really good ideas from them. Only, if I don’t write the idea down right as I’m waking up, well…it’s gone.

I had one the other day while I was sleeping; It was around that Chicken and the Egg question. You know, “What came first…?”

The idea that hit me was that to even ponder a question like that you would first need a chicken and an egg, right? So, since the answer is inherently somewhere in the questions (i.e. It’s either the chicken or the egg, right?), does that insinuate that the answer actually came before the question?

So, what came first, the “question or the answer?”

Something fun to ponder. What occurred to me, after thinking on this subject for many minutes, was the very idea of the answer to every question is buried somewhere in the very question you are asking. I’ve tried to think deeply on the context of such a profound idea while listening to very intelligent music, but all I got was mental fatigue.

So as you go through your day today, and ideas pop into your head, try and think of a single question that you don’t already have the answer.

Better yet, when you have a question you don’t already have the answer for, such as, “What is the square root of this piece of pie?” Just remember that the answer is in fact right there before you. It’s inside the question…and you’ll see it, if you look hard enough.