I Am the Number One in Desk Naps

I’ve reached my full nap potential.

Most people only use forty percent of their potential. Not me.

I’ve tapped it to one hundred percent, especially in regards to desk naps. No one takes better naps at their desk than me.

I use the hand on chin method. I use head on desk method. I use the curled under the desk method. I’ve explored all possible methods.

My boss is so impressed with my napping. She’s a joker. She likes to kick me when I’m sleeping under my desk. She’s so funny. At least I think it’s humorous, but I’m always in a good mood since I’m so well rested.

Can you get your foot off my hand? I say.

Oh, did I disturb you? she says. So sorry. Please, nap away. Don’t let me bother you. This work can wait. It’s not urgent at all.

Thanks, I say. I just need a few more minutes.