I Am Tough Like an Marine Drill Instructor

I bark orders at myself. Get up, get out of bed. Do pushups! Get your work done! Be productive!

I also talk very sweetly to myself. Not sure if drill instructors do this, but they should.

It’s okay, buddy. You’re doing a great job. You have such smooth skin. How did you get your skin so smooth? It’s really remarkable to have such smooth and soft skin. Well done.

I get tough again.

Jump out of this plane now. You might be scared but you have to go for it.

I’m talking to myself metaphorically here.

Do it. You might land somewhere and get stuck but you have to do it. You know you want to. Be courageous. Jump!

I get sweet again. It’s okay that your parachute got stuck on this steeple of the church and you’re hanging off the side of the building. It could happen to anyone. The important thing is that you went for it. Now you have some quality time to think about your life and what you want.

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