I Argue with Children to Stay Sane

I take deep breaths. I take all my anxieties and frustrations and expel them from my body. I do this several times. Are you hyperventilating? a woman says. No, I’m just expelling all my negative energy so I can be free to go about my day, I say. It helps if I stand on a park bench to do it. It also helps if I shout for all the negative energy to leave me. I don’t know what it is, but that just works better. And yes, sometimes it helps to do this on a swing so I can get the momentum necessary to expel all the negative energy, and if I have to use stern words to a child to let them know that it was, in fact, my turn to use the swing, I do so. It’s really important to get rid of all the negative energy and stress in your body, and if a kid has to cry to make that happen, so be it.