I Chill on a Sunday Afternoon

It’s good to chill. It’s nice to chill. After a long week, working, doing things, talking to people, sometimes I just need to chill. So I sit on the couch and stare out the window. What are you doing? someone says. Chilling, I say. Just chilling. Wow, fascinating talk, he says. Hey, who are you and why are you in our living room? I say. I just saw you staring out the window and thought I’d pop in and say hi, he says. The door was unlocked. Okay, cool, I say. I’m just chilling, you’re welcome to join, if you like. I’d love to, he says. Let me just grab a beer from the fridge and maybe a snack. Do you have any food? Yeah, I say, there’s some hummus. Ooh, I love hummus, he says. Love it. Hummus is so good. Let’s eat hummus and chill, that sounds so fun. Yep, it is, I say. Especially on a Sunday afternoon.

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