I Get More Done Before 6am Than Most People Do All Week

Every day I focus on self-improvement.

Today I’m reading a book about the power of getting up early.

The author gets up at 3am.

I can do better. I’ll get up at 2am.

I’ll be so productive if I get up at 2am.

I’ll get so much done while everyone else is sleeping.

Sure, I have to go to bed at 6pm to get enough sleep, but nothing really good happens after 6pm.

I get so much done when I wake up at 2am.

I go for a run.

Ooh, bars are still open. Maybe I’ll just stop in for a drink. I mean, it’s my morning but technically it’s still last night.

I can get so much drinking in before 6am.

It’s true, getting up early is so productive.