I Have Strong Opinions about Everything

Everyone is dying to know what they are, obviously.

Love those shoes, I say.

Nice top.

Great tie, really goes with your skin tone.

I eavesdrop on conversations and let people know what I think. I’m helpful that way.

He’s not worth your time, I say. Break up with him.

She can’t treat you like that, I say to another. You deserve better. We all do.

You should quit your job, I say. This morning. Just walk into your boss’s office and say I quit, You’ll feel better, trust me, and you’ll figure things out.

You know what, I go on. Everyone in this train should quit their job. Let’s all quit. Let’s hijack this train and take it to Coney Island and eat hot dogs and sit on the beach. What do you say? Who’s with me?

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