I Put Mayo on My To Do List and Take a Big Bite

Each day I re-focus. I decide on my daily tasks, what I have to do, and I attack them with vigor and enthusiasm. I tear them apart. I rip them. I destroy them. I’m so hungry for efficiency, so ravenous for my To Do list, I slather it with mayo and other delicious condiments and toppings and I just bite into it.

Oh my, I’m full. I’m stuffed. I can’t eat any more. I need a nap.

I have some digestive bitters. I take a short walk.

Okay, I can go again. I’m eating this all. All my tasks are consumed and being digested. I let out a satisfying burp. Wow, that was really impressive. I wipe off the bits of tasks stuck on my face. I give a contented sigh. Getting things done is so satisfying.

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