I Remain Strong in the Face of Impending Meetings

My strength resides in me. It comes through for me at opportune times. Like when I have to prepare for a meeting that’s going to take place in twenty minutes. What facial expressions should I use? Should I put my hand on my chin and make little “Uh-mmm” noises? Or should I cross my arms to convey some skepticism? Should I cock my head at salient points? Should I say things like, “We could do that,” to let people know how that is never ever in a million years going to happen? Should I furrow my brow? Should I nod ferociously? Should I say, “Yeeeessss,” when I’m really excited? Should I get on the table? Should I start laughing out of nowwhere to lighten the mood? So many decisions to make, but my strength will carry me through.

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