I Sing Sweet Melodies with Birds Who Accept Me As Their Own

The birds are my friends.

In the early morning as the sun rises we sing together. We tweet together. Our melody is haunting and beautiful, a symphony of human and bird voices.

We put most choral groups to shame.

This morning I must be doing a mating call because all these lady birds are after me. They are chasing me.

Maybe it’s because of my colorful plume. I dyed my hair a streak of bright color. I wanted to fit in.

Hello, sweet female birds, I cannot be your inter-species mate. I can only sing with you. Our hearts can only be joined by the power of song. We can only be married in melody.

Though it would be cool to have an inter-species human-bird child who could fly.

That would be really incredible.

Even so, the practicalities of that arrangement would be difficult. We’d have to arrange a joint-custody agreement, and when he flew south for the winter we’d have to take him out of school.

Oh, you are so playful! Why are you pecking at me? I only want to sing with you!

Let’s sing, birds, sing!