I Welcome Each New Day with Cheerfulness and Enthusiasm

I wake and give a good hearty good morning. Good morning to all the creatures of the earth, and especially those in my vicinity. Good morning, squirrels outside my window, good morning birds twittering so cheerfully (or are you fighting?). Good morning clouds, I wish the sun was out but clouds are sometimes nice too, so good morning to you as well. It’s another day today. Another cold, windy day in spring. What is that about? It’s supposed to be nice outside. Good thing I have such a joyous and steady demeanor that the weather doesn’t get me down. Nope, I’m getting out of bed. The comforter might be over my head right now, but I’m getting up. I’m embracing the day. A big, warm embrace. In just one moment. Okay, ready.

Joey writes a daily affirmation at joeysdailyaffirmations.com

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