I Comfort My Furniture

I love my bed. It’s perfectly normal to love your bed. Especially when It’s so warm and soft (but not too soft) and it talks to me. Not everyone’s bed talks to them, so I feel pretty special. Just stay with me for a little while, the bed says when I wake up. Stay with me. You and I belong together. We’re meant to be together. Stay, stay. The bed lulls me in. Hey, the dresser says. Could you get some of your stuff out of here for the day? Shouldn’t you be getting dressed? Leave him alone, the bed says. Can’t you see we’re having a moment? I want to have a moment too, the dresser says, and begins to cry. Why does the bed have all the moments? That’s when I have to get out of bed and comfort the dresser. Hey, the other dresser says. Why does he get all the love? I want some love too! Love for everyone, I say. For all my furniture pieces.