The Way I Move Is Extraordinary

The way I walk, the way I move my hips, the way I dance. No one has seen anything quite like it. I dance all the time. On the subway, waiting in line to buy lunch. At church.

I go to random churches and start dancing. Catholic, Anglican, non-denominational, Jewish synagogues, I dance at them all.

I was asked — okay, I politely insisted — that I dance at a ecumenical prayer meeting. The archbishop of New York was there. He very much enjoyed my dancing.

He said so himself and shook my hand as the security guards were leading me away. I’m pretty sure I brought people of all faiths together that morning.

We are all brothers and sisters! I shouted. Everyone and everything is connected! You and me, we’re all one!

That’s what my dancing shows.

And, yes, I do except tips. Thank you, your eminence.