Vampire Slayer

He shot her between the double beds.

At the Connecticut Hotel in Times
Square, the couple was arguing,
shouting. It sounded like furniture
moving. The man walked calmly down
to reception, placed the gun on the

desk, and said, I shot my girlfriend.
They were in town for the Dark Shadows
Festival. The woman was a con artist,
she had been scamming the man out of

thousands, pretending to want to buy
a house together in New York. He was
from Oregon; he checked his gun in his
suitcase. He shot her between the two

double beds. People complain about
alarms, coughing, loud talking, people
complain about any noise, but five
shots and a woman dies and no one says

a word, Marco, the front desk attendant
that night told us. It’s true. We were
next door. The paper the next morning,
headlined “Vampire Slayer,” had all the

salacious details. We ourselves were in
town for an accessories convention. We
sold a lot of jewelry that weekend. I had
been listening to their argument. I only

heard her voice. She was proclaiming her
innocence. He spoke softly, gently. He was
wearing a Yankees cap and a fanny pack
when I saw him before in the hallway. I

should have known he was evil.