Medium Response #6 — Filtering
COMS490 Sp16


Filtering impacts communication across social movements as well across social media. Today trending topics guide public discussion and interest. By having a tool such as algorithmic filtering, not all voices have the same access of being heard. With news being covered in real time with live streams and tweets as updates, algorithmic filtering can act as a censor to limit and ultimately avoid covering low-income and unprivileged populations.

Algorithmic filtering has the potential to control what one sees on the internet. It allows for a biases from the people who programmed the filter to determine what gets covered. This ability could hinder even more the populations that desperately need coverage, that desperately need to “trend”. Filtering is censorship across social media that can potentially limit what should be accessible for all, it acts as a barrier to equality, a barrier from being heard.

The problem with filtering is it will decide what you see, for example whether you see photos of a social movement, or cat videos.

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