Deep dive into Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a place where people from all over can come enjoy and interact with a diverse community. Tens of thousands of people come here every day. These people are here to enjoy themselves as well as learn. Performers at Pike Place Market bring smiles to visitors and at the same time, can make money off tips. On one end of the market, we have an pig statue which serves as a memory of how this place came to be. At the other end, we have an open view of a large body of water. In the actual market itself, we have a melting pot of vendors and their individual backgrounds. Each vendor is different and each vendor has a unique back story of how they came to work there. Vendors on the waterfront side are generally producers and crafters. On the side where people flow in, we have our farmers. Some vendors are in the same business and have near identical stands but they are all individual. With the way vendors are arranged, all these farmers have to get placed next to each other. With crafters and artists, we can see a clear distinction as we go from vendor to vendor.

Most of the vendors during an event at the market

Unlike the Space Needle, Pike Place Market isn’t tall and is hidden underneath skyscrapers. The path to get there involves lots of turns throughout Seattle and a very tedious unprotected left turn to get there. Eventually, you will arrive at your destination and experience something the Space Needle will never give. Pike Place Market is a place where people can come and experience a community that has different social and cultural customs. The Market offers these social and cultural differences through businesses that the market houses. These businesses could range from American, Greek, African, or Asian. Because of these diverse businesses, tourists can experience different styles within a culture. As people see cultures other than their own, they start to see what makes Pike Place Market so great.

My Family on Mother’s Day weekend

I’ve been working as a vendor at Pike Place market for 19 years now and I’ve seen many people come and go as time passes. The vendors at the market are usually nice people that treat each other very well. There are a few vendors who have a distaste for each other but other than a few outliers, the majority of the vendors are friendly. The homeless people that occasionally show up are treated well and with them a few non civilized people here and there. The few non civilized people are rare but they immediately get the attention of everybody within their vicinity. They are usually loud and disruptive but other than that, they are no threat to the public. Some of the other homeless people help out vendors load and unload and we pay them for their work. The pay that we give them isn’t great but it’s better than nothing. I personally made friends with some of these people because I was interested to why they came to be homeless. Half of them admitted that they were addicts and threw their life away while the other half each had different stories. Some of these homeless people have befriended market security, market sanitation workers, and even some of the vendors. At Pike Place Market, even the under privileged can have the joy of friends.

Pike Place Market is home to diversity and community. It houses former refugees who have found work through farming and Pike Place Market crafters who want to display or sell their works of art. the market extends its community to the homeless with some vendors giving them leftovers or supplies to last the night. Pike Place Market may seem great but it does have problems that visitors usually can’t see. The market has troubles keeping the occasional crazies from making vendors and tourists uncomfortable and has troubles with vendor securities.

Even with all these nice things, the market has some very large downsides. The market has terrible traffic issues with people constantly in the streets leaving little room for the cars to come through. Cars are allowed to park along the side walks and this further decreases the room for incoming cars to get through. This leads to impatient drivers doing a U-turn and getting out of the market. What’s worse is when we have giant trucks like UPS or Coca Cola trucks that come in and take up an entire section. These trucks come daily and they back up traffic. Besides cars, we have weird people that occasionally show up and cause a ruckus at the market. These can range from people screaming nonsense to people staring down people in their car and getting uncomfortable close to them. From my experience, no one has gotten hurt from these people but many people like me get uncomfortable with them around.

Over the 19 years that I have spent working at Pike Place Market, I have seen the market change in many ways. The market is a community that is accepting of all people regardless of where they come from. The vendors inside the market and the businesses across the market is what makes this place so diverse. The acceptance of refugees who turned to farming, aspiring crafters, and even occasional homeless people is what makes Pike Place Market such a great community. However even this great community has its struggles. Since everybody is welcome here, there are occasionally socially disruptive people who also show up. These people easily catch the attention of vendors and tourists alike but nothing is done against because they aren’t hurting anyone. Instead, they make the surrounding people uncomfortable as they stand in the middle of the street doing whatever nonsense their minds tell them to do. Even with these small downsides, the market is still a community.

Rhetoric Assignment

  1. How you understood a ‘general audience’ influencing your piece — what did it mean to you to write on a platform like Medium? I understood that my intended audience are the tourists who want to visit the market and want a quick rundown on what to expect at the market. Since I am a vendor there, I have plenty of experience to tell people what to look for and what to avoid while being there.
  2. What did you do in your review to help your reader understand they way you’re approaching your place? In other words, how did you clue your reader into the way you perceive the purpose of your place? why did you choose to do it the way you did. I’ve been working at pike place market for a long time and I personally perceived the market as a place where people could learn about other peoples cultural background if they gave a little bit of effort to do so. I repeatedly stated that Pike Place Market was a social and culturally diverse place and with this repetitiveness, I would hope that the reader would understand that I want them to see Pike Place Market from this perspective.
  3. How you considered your position as a student in 101 while writing this review — how did this affect how you wrote and what you wrote? I used my position as an English 101 student by applying the styles of writing that I learned to make my reading more interesting. Other than using what I learned, I really didn’t consider my position as a 101 student.
  4. Why you decided to make decisions regarding design that you did. what meaning does the design of your review have. My general design was describing what the market is through my eyes and all the cool stuff about it and then i gradually added what people should look out for. With this design I hoped that the reader was able to learn what they should look for in the market to enhance their learning as they tour the place and what they want to avoid if they don’t want a bad memory when they are touring Pike Place Market.
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