Getting Part Time Jobs While Studying

Finding jobs is a difficult task. Finding part time jobs for a student is even harder. Because it is hard does not mean that it is impossible.

Student life is an arid life, financially speaking. A student is more often than not reliant on other people to provide for his/her needs. This could be very difficult because it is not every need that they can meet. Also, you may have to account for every single penny you receive. For this reason students wonder how to get extra money for themselves. The secret of course is taking part time jobs that allow you time to go to class comfortably while still earning a few coins on the side.

The thought counts yes, but getting these part time jobs is where the drama begins. Not many employers allow part time shifts. Those who do may have shifts at time slots that are inconvenient for students. Therefore, i compiled a few strategies that students can employ when searching for part time jobs, namely;

• Ask around
There are many students who are already working part time whenever they do not need to be in class. Single out such students and ask them how you can go about finding a job for yourself. They might recommend you to their bosses if you think the hours are favorable to your schedule.
• Don’t compromise on school time
As a student worker, it is very important to remember that you are a student before you are an employee. With this in mind therefore, you will be able to work out an understanding with potential employers that school time can’t be compromised with. Tell them beforehand what hours you simply can’t be available. School work is very important.
• Emphasize job security
Most employers take advantage of part time employees especially students. They delay payments indefinitely and deduct payments for no apparent reason. They can also choose to discontinue you from work without notice or pay. Before starting any job, ask for a written contract that is furnished with all the details.
• Don’t sell yourself short
Even if you are desperate for the job on offer, don’t sell yourself short. If you feel your skills are worth more than the pay on offer, keep searching. If your employer makes demands that are beyond your ability, move along. Don’t force yourself to do anything you do not want to do.

For all those students finding jobs while in school, you can log on to and you will find more helpful tips. They are experts who have been in this business for a long time.

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