i think what fucked up gen x so much was directly following the baby boomers. we had to deal with their shit so much. i mean why was there a fucking woodstock 94? lollapalooza has came back but no one shoves it down your throat about how fucking great it was in 92. we had to deal with being told how great the 60’s were and they changed everything and made the world a better place — if you look back that’s not really accurate. the anxiety of influence seemed to destroy us. being told that we were losers and slackers. and blah blah cardigans and flannel and thermal and kurt cobain. pearl jam was the biggest band in the world and didn’t release a video for five years. i don’t know if people can fathom how big of a deal that was at the time — can you imagine taylor swift doing that? latchkey kids raised by the last 30 minutes of Oprah. and maybe we played into their hands. everything seemed nihilistic then. we as a generation routinely seemed to shoot ourselves in the foot. the realization that the clinton administration kinda sucked is a kick in the teeth. so many republican ideas. welfare reform. the telecommunications bill. the crime bill. our voice killed himself. their voice was killed by a nut. millennials voice is a fictional boy magician.

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